torsdag 30 juni 2011

Third Week: INTUITION - Impromptu workshop with Evren Uzer

Questions about food written on the bottom of the soup bowl

We had a workshop organized by Evren Uzer. In the workshop, we wrote down any food related questions on the bottom of the pottery soup bowls.
We used pottery paint to write down questions and burned them in the oven.
The soup we cooked was classic Swedish peasoup, eaten traditionally on Thursdays. Also we made pancakes to eat with blueberry jam as a dessert.

We made more than 10 bowls with questions. When one would finish their soup the question appeared.
Those questions were:
1. What makes good dinner memorable?
2. When was the last time you had a heated argument while eating?
3. What is the good food for your soul?
4. What is the spice of happiness?
5. What does good friendship taste like?

Each person jotted down thoughts on the paper set under the bowl by using a pen set next to the knife. The questions brought us an exciting discussion about food and eating from several aspects.

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