tisdag 21 juni 2011

Second Week: HEARING - Tuesday, practical working day

We started the day by finishing cleaning the kitchen, and as a final touch we put some flowers (picked in the park in the early morning hours) on the table.
Then we felt very satisfied, drank coffee together and watched our piece of cleaning art but could also notice that the term "clean" is always strictly related to what in the beginning was "dirty".
We used the coffee break to plan for tomorrows picknick, which we will tell more about later.
After lunch we went to some second-hand stores to find some kitchen tools and other useful stuff, but unfortunately without any bigger shopping success.

We have been talking a lot about what we want to do in this course and how we can use the resources given us in the most useful way.
We have lots of ideas and we are really looking forward to work further with them!
So keep following us to see what happens!

This is a video we watched today as an example of people working with food and hearing in combination.
The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra,  an orchestra building their own instrument out of fresh vegetables. Each set of instruments are prepered by hand before every concert.

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