tisdag 21 juni 2011

Second Week: HEARING - Lecture and workshop

Lecture and workshop by Kajsa G. Eriksson:
My Brekfast, Your Lunch

We started the day with our first seminar/lecture. Kajsa G. Eriksson gave a history on different aspects of installation and happenings, with emphasis on the body and its sensations. The workshop then later acted as part of our lunch, when we were asked to recall and give a detailed account of our breakfast that morning. 

We were all told to find an individual spot in the yard that we felt most comfortable with. Then each person handed out what he/she had brought with them, they also told the others about their morning, and breakfast experience. These little monolouges quickly grew out of their initial context and at times came to be discussions about lifestyle, personal philosophies, change etc.
We also found out that Fredric harbours a deep and unduying hatred towards cheese.

Part of Kajsas lecture:
Chris Burden: Documentation of Selected Works (1971-1974) (download)
                      Documentation of Selected Works (1971-1974) (watch online)

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