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Third Week: INTUITION - Jonas Dahlin, Fine Dining Chef


Serving, tasting

Talking, showing

Season desert

Listening, watching



Lecture and talk by the chef Jonas Dahlin about conceptual food.  In the morning, we had a lecture about concepts of modern Swedish food.  His take on modern Swedish food, focused more on seasonal vegetables suited to the modern life in Sweden.

After that, we cooked divided into four groups.
Group 1: Tasting
Group 2: Texture
Group 3: Stages of cooking
Group 4: Seasonality

Group 1made the seasoning with leak and cucumber.  By burning the skin of two vegetables, two different spices ware created.  Those spices gave a taste of cooked with mild bitterness.
Group 2 made several different dishes in different ways out of cauliflower.  Five factors of the taste were used: Sweetness, saltiness, sourness, bitterness and umami constituted the taste of those dishes
Group 3 made pickles from different part of the cucumber in different shapes.  One taste was Swedish vinegar made from potato and sugar.  The other taste was white wine vinegar and salt.
Group 4 made the dessert by seasonal produce.  Sweet sauce scented by elderflower was mixed with strawberries and rhubarb.  We tasted with fresh cream.

All the plates were made of unexpected parts from vegetables and fruits, and were surprisingly tasty.  The creative experiment with Jonas Dahlin let us consider about the concept of food, eating and tasting.

In the afternoon, we watched the video clips of signature dishes by René Redzepi of Noma 

After that, we watched an episode of Heston Blumenthal's tv-show "Heston's Feasts" and discussed the differences between their respective culinary styles. 

We got reference book titles from Jonas Dahlin. That inspired us in the way to combine food and art.

Heston's Fantastical Feasts by Heston Blumenthal
Essential Cuisine by Michel Bras
Le Calandre by Missimiliano Alajmo and Raffaele Alajmo
El Bulli by Ferran Adria, Juli Soler, Albert Adria
Food for Free by Richard Mabey


Safe way to use sharp knifes

Safety grip

 Cauliflower in owen

Peeling cucumber

Peeled cucumber

Burnt cucumber skin

Different textures and stages of cucumber

Burnt leek to be turned into seasoning


A dish made of leek, raisins capers, tarragon

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