söndag 3 juli 2011

Kindergarten Intervention - Performance workshop

This friday we visited a Kindergarten in Kålltorp. 
With the assistance of three fantastic girls, age 4-5, we worked and discovered more about food in the context of children and imagination.

First we talked a bit. Asked questions like: What is food? What is your favorite food? Do you know what your grandmother ate when she was young? Why are we eating?
Then, as a warm-up for the senses, we invited the girls to smell at a bottle of vinegar, taste a bit japanese seagrass and cross an egg with their bare hands. 

How does an anchovy feel?
 Slippery! Like your hands are going away!

Table set for two tasks. First: Make a dish that you think tastes like happiness. 
But it actually more turned out to be the working process that was happy instead of the final dishes. 


Some of the results: 

Task number two: Make a self portrait in ice cream!

Hedvig is trying Popping Candy! A powder with the taste of strawberry that pops in your mouth when you eat it.  She is holding her ears so the sound of popping becomes more clear. 

Some of the self portraits:

And as a grand finale: EAT!

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  1. looks fantastic! everybody seems to have fun :)) well done.