söndag 17 juli 2011

Workshop: Food Performance - Linda Donald, 14 - 15 july

These days, Linda Donald, artist from NYC, has been guiding us through different kind of worlds, emotions and ways of using both our minds and bodies. Through the use of text, film, sounds, sculpture and talking we have been discovering more about what kind of limits we as grown-ups are giving ourself and how that could inhibit artistic work.
We have been told to be more childish. To allow our selfs to play.

As a final end of this we made a food performance in one of the stairswells at Valand.
The performance were inspired by the mad tea-party in Alice in Wonderland. A set table with different things, hand-made colored cups and decorations, flowers, eggs, etc. We decided some common rules together, as: time should be involved in some way, we should all use the quote "I can eat 50 eggs" from the movie Cool Hand Luke, and we should also try to be involved in each others work during the performance.
Except for this - the task were to let your self act without all these grow-up limits. Try to do things you feel uncomfortable with. Use the room. Use eachother. Use text, sound and the scenographic prop.

The performance turned out pretty well and felt like a effective way of expanding our ways of working creatively more released.

Pictures to explain this process more detailed:

This is what we used for getting input:

- ALICE IN WONDERLAND - Chapter 7 (link)

- COOL HAND LUKE - "I can eat 50 eggs"

- HOOK - Food Fight - "Use your imagination"

- TAMPOPO - Love egg scene

- TAMPOPO - Noddles scene

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  1. :) Verkar spännande och roligt. Ser fram mot att få se bilder.
    Vi ses om en vecka.
    Hälsningar Fredric Gunve.